Nominations for 2017 membership

Nominations for 2017 membership are currently closed. Nominations will open July 18, with a deadline of September 21.

About nominations to membership

Membership nominations are received and checked to ensure they are complete. The ASCI works with Proposers, supporters of nominations, and nominees when necessary to collect all information intended to accompany the nomination. Nominations for the following membership year may be submitted by the deadline specified for the current year.

Following the deadline for receipt, nominations are assigned for review by the Council. Typically two or more Council members review a nomination, which each Councilor scores on an NIH-style 1-5 scale. All scores for a nomination are averaged, and a list of all nominations by average score is then available. This scoring and ranking takes place before the entire Council meets in person to discuss all nominations.

The limit of new members each year is 80, as established in the Society’s bylaws. Beyond this, each Council determines the group that represents the best quality from the pool of nominations. The names of those who make the cutoff are then presented to the ASCI’s Active members (those who are age 50 or younger) for a yes-or-no vote. The vote is for or against the entire list of nominees, not for or against each individual nominee. The ballot is then sent to the Active membership. After the results are received and audited, the result is official.