November 27, 2018

Dear Colleague,

As we reflect on a year of important discovery and significant loss within the ASCI, we are reminded how grateful we are to be part of such an engaged physician-scientist family.

At this April’s Joint Meeting — a homecoming for many — we witnessed the induction of an impressive group of new ASCI members as well as many exciting talks from new and established members. Shortly after, our community suffered the loss of two longstanding pillars, Drs. Donald Seldin and Holly Smith. They touched so many scientific careers — directly, through scientific lineage, or through their luminous examples of what it is to be a mentor, a scientist, an effective educator. Their legacies guide us as we grow our programs that reach physician-scientists at every career stage.

With our family in mind and heart, we ask for your support to ensure the future of our programs, for which the ASCI currently spends over $90,000 annually. Donations have helped to offset costs associated with:

– bringing the best and brightest medical students to the Joint Meeting through the Medical Fellows Initiative,

– recognizing rising stars in the community with the Young Physician-Scientist Awards,

– highlighting and supporting the work of early-career physician-scientists who have demonstrated a dedication to clinical and scientific excellence through the Donald Seldin~Holly Smith Award for Pioneering Research,

– and recognizing career excellence and honoring the memory of a truly exemplary mentor, scientist, and individual through the Stanley J. Korsmeyer Award.

We hope you will support us in our 2018 annual appeal as we work to engage and connect across generations, to honor and celebrate excellence, and to enable and encourage a robust physician-scientist community.


W. Kimryn Rathmell, MD, PhD
President-Elect, 2018-2019
Chair, Development Committee
The American Society for Clinical Investigation

Pictured above: The 2018 AAP/ASCI/APSA Joint Meeting Poster Session, featuring presentations by students supported by the Medical Fellows Initiative.

Young Physician-Scientist Award recipients Drs. Robert David Guzy, Steven E. Mansoor, and Scott W. Canna, recognized for their presentations at the 2018 annual meeting.

Drs. Deepak Nijhawan and Anna Greka, co-recipients of the ASCI’s 2018 Donald Seldin~Holly Smith Award for Pioneering Research.

Ms. Susan Korsmeyer and Dr. Benjamin Ebert with Dr. Joseph Heitman (center), the ASCI’s 2018 Stanley J. Korsmeyer Award recipient.