Jeffrey S. Glenn, MD, PhD
Year elected: 2008
Current membership category: Senior
Stanford University School of Medicine
Associate professor of Medicine
CCSR Bldg. 3115A, 269 Campus Drive
Palo Alto, CA 94305-5187
United States of America
Phone: 650-725-3373
Facsimile: 650-723-3032

Biographical statement

My primary interest is in molecular virology, with a strong emphasis on translating this knowledge into novel antiviral therapies. Current projects aim to better understand the role of prenylation in the life cycles of hepatitis delta virus (HDV) and other viruses--both as a mechanism of intracellular trafficking and trigger of virus assembly, and as a target for a promising antiviral treatment. The function and cell biology of the hepatitis C virus (HCV) non-structural proteins are also being studied. Here the focus is on identifying key determinants of pathogenesis and designing novel antiviral strategies. Other interests include exploitation of hepatic stem cells, development of a small animal model for HCV, and engineered human liver tissues.

Institutional affiliations

Stanford University School of Medicine (Primary)
William T. Clusin, MD, PhD is the representative at this institution.


Internal Medicine