Richard Brian Kim, MD
Year elected: 2006
Current membership category: Senior
Professor of Medicine
Univ of Western Ontario, Dept of Med
LHSC-University Hospital, Room B9-116
339 Windermere Road, PO Box 5339
London, ON N6A 5A5
Phone: 519-663-3553
Facsimile: 519-663-3090

Biographical statement

Environmental and genetic factors as well as disease states are known to affect our ability to respond to drugs. Although the introduction of new therapeutic agents have significantly enhanced our ability to treat various acute as well as chronic illnesses, issues relating to drug-drug interactions or lack of therapeutic efficacy often contribute to drug associated morbidity and mortality. My research interest is that of better understanding the molecular basis of interindividual differences in drug disposition. Research areas under active investigation in my laboratory include that of drug transporters, CYP enzymes, and the pathways involved in the regulated expression of such proteins. We have also studied environmental influences such as the role of dietary constituents on expression and function of intestinal drug transporters and metabolizing enzymes. We have also focused on identifying and assessing the in vitro as well as in vivo relevance of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) in drug uptake and efflux transporters that contribute to drug toxicity as well as variable efficacy. More recently, we have been involved in the elucidation of the key regulatory ligand-activated nuclear receptors that define the transcriptional activation of drug transporters and metabolizing enzymes. Overall, it is hoped these types of studies will ultimately contribute to the realization of personalized medicine.

Institutional affiliations

University of Western Ontario Faculty of Medicine (Primary)


Internal Medicine

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Division/Section Chair