Andrew D. Badley, MD, FRCP(C)/FACP
Year elected: 2006
Current membership category: Active
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Professor of Medicine
200 First Street SW
Rochester, MN 55905
United States of America
Phone: (507)284-0559
Facsimile: (507)284-3757

Biographical statement

The focus of our laboratory is to understand the molecular mechanisms by which HIV infection causes the death of T cells directly infected with the virus, as well as the death of uninfected bystander cells. Insights gained from these studies have the potential to impact our understanding of the regulation of cell death in both physiologic and pathophysiologic states. Using the knowledge gained from these studies, novel strategies are being designed to either suppress aberrant cell death or to enhance cell death in an attempt to eradicate virally infected cells.

Institutional affiliations

Mayo Clinic (Primary)


Infectious Disease