Stanley Cohen, MD
Year elected: 1972
Current membership category: Emeritus
Emeritus Professor of Pathology & Founding Director, Center for Biophysical Pathology, Rutgers-NJMS
3304 Parkview Drive
Haverford, PA 19041
United States of America
Phone: 609-647-9812

Biographical statement

I have a broad interest in various aspects of biomedical science that began with biophysics of mechanoreceptors, and then ranged from cellular immunity to cell proliferation and growth, and most recently a return to biophysics, in this case biophysical pathology, with an emphasis on digital and computational imaging. In 1973 I made the discovery of a group of hormone-like mediators released by a variety of cell types that were similar to the previously described lymphocyte products involved in cellular immunity. They regulate cellular communication in host defense, repair and homeostasis. I hypothesized that these formed a hormone-like network responsible for regulating cellular interactions, and named them “Cytokines”. This research resulted in my receiving the Parke Davis Award, and subsequently, an Outstanding Investigator Award from the National Cancer Institute.  As I predicted, cytokines have been found to play a pivotal role in embryogenesis, growth and differentiation, and neoplasia and cytokines and their inhibitors are now used as therapeutic agents, as well as probes of cellular function. My work has continued to focus on various aspects of cellular proliferation and cellular interactions. I am currently studying biophysical properties of cancer cells that may provide clues as to their clinical behavior and guide therapy. Though retired from the Chair of Pathology at Rutgers-NJMS and more recently from the Directorship of the Center for Biophysical Pathology (also at Rutgers), I remain active in teaching and research via both emeritus status at Rutgers and adjunct professorships at other universities. I previously served as President of the American Society for Investigative Pathology (ASIP) and as former Treasurer and Member of the Executive Board of FASEB.  I have also contributed indirectly to science via assignments including chairmanships of study sections for the NiH and DOD and membership on multiple editorial boards, including prior stints as Assoc. Editor-in-Chief of Clinical Immunol. & Immunopath. and Editor-in-Chief of Analytical Cellular Path., the latter until my “retirement”. I continue to remain active in both teaching and reviewing activities, and provide consultation to other chairs through Senior Fellow membership in the Association of Pathology Chairs. My current research involves biophysical pathology and computational imaging. I recently edited a textbook “Biophotonics in Pathology”(IOS Press, 2013) as an introduction to this field for experimental pathologists. Recently, I was awarded the Gold-Headed Cane by ASIP  (their lifetime achievement award) for research and other contributions to Pathology. Iam currently Co-Chair of the Special Interest Group on Computational Imaging for the ASIP.


Institutional affiliations

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (Primary)



Positions held

Department Chair
Department Chair, Emeritus
Grant Director
Institute Director
Journal Editor