Presidential addresses

Mukesh K. Jain (President, 2014-2015)

Advancing the mission

Peter Tontonoz (President, 2013-2014)

Leading by example: pastors, mentors, physician-scientists, and the ASCI

William C. Hahn (President, 2012-2013)

The perfect storm: challenges and opportunities for translational medicine

Elizabeth McNally (President, 2011-2012)

Advocacy: yes we can

Paul S. Mischel (President, 2010-2011)

Lost — and found — in translation

Jonathan Epstein (President, 2009-2010)

Lessons of our fathers

Nancy Andrews (President, 2008-2009)

Can we keep the “academic” in academic medicine?

Charles L. Sawyers (President, 2007-2008)

Translational research: are we on the right track?

Barbara L. Weber (President, 2006-2007)

In the palace of the Sultan

Kenneth Kaushansky (President, 2003-2004)

Mentoring and teaching clinical investigation

Chi V. Dang (President, 2002-2003)

Celebrating the physician-scientist

David Ginsburg (President, 2001-2002)

The history and evolution of the ASCI: déjà vu all over again

Gary A. Koretzky (President, 2000-2001)

The future of the ASCI: a lesson from the 2000 presidential election

Jeffrey M. Leiden (President, 1999-2000)

From genes to screens: crossing the digital-medical divide

Ajit P. Varki (President, 1998-1999)

Executive summary of the Nerflex Commission Report

Timothy J. Ley (President, 1997-1998)

Judith L. Swain (President, 1995-1996)

Is there room left for academics in academic medicine?

Richard D. Klausner (President, 1994-1995)

Values and value: the survival of biomedical research

Jay A. Berzofsky (President, 1993-1994)

Cross-fertilization among fields: a seminal event in the progress of biomedical research

Bruce F. Scharschmidt (President, 1992-1993)

Nurturing creativity: Young Turks and young minds

Edward Benz (President, 1991-1992)

Presidential address

William J. Koopman (President, 1990-1991)

In search of Mr. Wizard

Stuart H. Orkin (President, 1989-1990)

Preparing for the next generation

C. Ronald Kahn (President, 1988-1989)

Perverted priorities: the physician/scientist as spokesman and salesman for biomedical research

Robert J. Lefkowitz (President, 1987-1988)

The spirit of science

Thomas P. Stossel (President, 1986-1987)

Brave new medicine

Joseph L. Goldstein (President, 1985-1986)

On the origin and prevention of PAIDS (Paralyzed Academic Investigator’s Disease Syndrome)

Robert M. Glickman (President, 1984-1985)

The future of the physician scientist

William N. Kelley (President, 1983-1984)

Clinical investigation and the clinical investigator: the past, present, and future

Louis M. Sherwood (President, 1982-1983)

Sustaining the spirit of inquiry: the key role of the department chairman

Philip W. Majerus (President, 1981-1982)

Fraud in medical research

William E. Paul (President, 1980-1981)

Clinical investigation — on the threshold of a golden era?

Jesse Roth (President, 1979-1980)

Sing a new song

Kenneth L. Melmon (President, 1978-1979)

A society without an obvious future: can elitism help?

Jean D. Wilson (President, 1977-1978)

Peer review and publication

John S. Fordtran (President, 1976-1977)

An ASCI tradition

Laurence E. Earley (President, 1975-1976)

The health of clinical investigation beyond Atlantic City

Eugene Braunwald (President, 1974-1975)

Can medical schools remain the optimal site for the conduct of clinical investigation?

Edward C. Franklin (President, 1973-1974)

The Individual, Science, and Society

Neal S. Bricker (President, 1972-1973)

The Time for Reflection: a Luxury of the Past

Lloyd H. Smith Jr. (President, 1969-1970)

Biomedical Research and National Policy

Arnold S. Relman (President, 1968-1969)

Academic Medicine and the Public

Grant W. Liddle (President, 1966-1967)

The Mores of Clinical Investigation

Donald W. Seldin (President, 1965-1966)

Some Reflections on the Role of Basic Research and Service in Clinical Departments

Alexander Leaf (President, 1964-1965)

Clinical Investigation and Social Responsibility

Irving M. London (President, 1963-1964)

The Impact of the Revolution in Biology on Clinical Investigation

John P. Merrill (President, 1962-1963)

Presidential address

Henry G. Kunkel (President, 1961-1962)

The training of the clinical investigator

Clement A. Finch (President, 1960-1961)

The shape of clinical investigation

Robert W. Berliner (President, 1959-1960)

The problems of the Society, 1960

John A. Luetscher, Jr. (President, 1958-1959)

Observations on growth and development of clinical investigation

Richard V. Ebert (President, 1957-1958)

Clinical investigation and medical education

Stanley E. Bradley (President, 1956-1957)

The tradition of scientific critique

A. McGehee Harvey (President, 1955-1956)

The individual in medical research and the role of the university center in his training

Robert H. Williams (President, 1954-1955)

Activities of the american society for clinical investigation

Carl V. Moore (President, 1953-1954)

Presidential address

Eugene A. Stead, Jr. (President, 1952-1953)

Presidential address

W. Barry Wood, Jr. (President, 1951-1952)

The “logarithmic phase” of medical progress

Eugene B. Ferris, Jr. (President, 1950-1951)

An inquiry into the meaning of clinical investigation

Thomas Hale Ham (President, 1949-1950)

The man and quality in clinical investigation

Wesley W. Spink (President, 1948-1949)

Clinical research as a career

J. S. L. Browne (President, 1947-1948)

Medicine – its mental climate

Thomas Francis, Jr. (President, 1945-1946)

Biological beachheads

Fuller Albright (President, 1944-1945)

Some of the “do’s” and “do-not’s” in clinical investigation

William Dock (President, 1941-1942)

Presidential address

Isaac Starr (President, 1939-1940)

Functions and dysfunctions of learned societies

T.R. Harrison (President, 1938-1939)

Presidential address

C.C. Bass (President, 1925-1926)

Malaria: some interesting observations relative to malaria that have been made in the treatment of general paralysis by inoculation with malaria plasmodia